"Art challenges technology, and technology inspires art.”    J. Lasseter


Digital technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including the arts. With technological innovation growing at an exponential rate, the arts provide a unique space for the critical reflection on current disruptions and future prospects of society. At the same time, today’s creatives employ an exciting new toolset in their work and provide audiences with the opportunity to familiarise themselves first-hand with the possibilities (and limitations) of new technologies.



Most art museums are slow to add new works to their collections, so contemporary digital art is often displayed in smaller private spaces, and digital culture discussed in specialist festivals. Additionally, big brands commission works for entertainment purposes at their latest product release, while the application of these new technologies is developed in maker-labs behind closed doors. This leaves creators and audiences with few choices - wait until museums slowly update their collections, follow the annual tech-festival rhythm, or buy into branded entertainment.

To discover innovative digital art and culture, audiences have to manoeuvre a labyrinth of academic discourse, early stage technological experimentation and commercial appropriation. Unsurprisingly, creators and art professionals face similar challenges in finding appropriate outlets to present their works and are confronted with exuberant fees to participate in international art fairs.



With the launch of a new event series in early 2018, TRANSIT aims to bridge this gap between maker-labs, white cube galleries and branded entertainment. In events and exhibitions that run parallel to major festivals and international art, TRANSIT presents artists and audiences with new opportunities to connect outside the closed circuits of traditional structures.

We believe that high-quality digital art should be accessible and inclusive. TRANSIT invites audiences to enjoy art and discover technological innovation in a new dimension: in a low key setting, that inspires curiosity and lets users explore in their own time. By removing protective casings, we invite you to look, listen, taste and touch artworks and familiarise yourself with technological practices in interdisciplinary media art.



TRANSIT will showcase how talented artists employ digital tools to challenge our perception of reality. Experience innovative VR storytelling, let your inner child loose in interactive installations, see how performers effortlessly blend analog and digital technology, and watch VJs fuse sound and light before your eyes.

Through a series of curated exhibitions and events, we invite you to explore technological innovations and digital transformation at the intersection of art and technology.